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7 Ways to Tell a Client He’s Wrong

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Telling a client that he is, in fact, wrong can be the hardest thing you ever have to do in your freelance career. It’s not something that we generally consider to be a healthy step: it can lose you a client pretty quickly if not handled properly.

Even if a client accepts that he is incorrect about something, it may still be harder to work with him in the long run.

Here are a few options for telling a client that he’s wrong, with a little more grace.

  • “X has been updated recently.” Especially when working with anything the least bit technical, I’ve found that clients lock on to concepts that may have been possible with past technology but aren’t handled the same way now. A good turn of phrase is to point to a recent update, rather than trying to tell a client he’s wrong.
  • “Can I suggest an alternative?” By talking about the right way as another option — one with better odds of working — you don’t have to tell a client he’s wrong, while still getting the right way to do things on the table.


5 Tips To Build an Amazing, Personal Twitter Brand

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One of the amazing things with Twitter, Facebook and Google+ slowly gaining maturity is the power coming through it to build my personal brand. What I found most crucial when doing so is that I don’t waste all of my day doing this.

The best part here is that this can become very powerful for many aspects of your life. If you develop a fairly large and engaged Twitter following these are only a few of the great aspects you can leverage:


Take Control of Your Web Presence with Ten Top Tips

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Social media is a brilliant way to build your brand, which in turn grows your client base. But it can suck hours out of your busy day. And time is the one resource that we freelancers crave.

Struggling to manage your Linkedin connections, group discussions, guest blogging and website updates. It can be overwhelming. Sporadic Tweets and rushed posts can quickly spoil a quality campaign.

But with a simple routine, you’ll soon put those hours back in your day. The secret lies in preparation, combined with sensible scheduling – and a loud alarm clock. By implementing ten simple tips, you can manage your web presence without it managing you.

1. Play the numbers game

Set monthly targets for new Twitter followers, Linkedin connections, your website updates, attendance at discussion forums, posts, Tweets and guest blog posts. In their brilliant book “Branding Yourself,” Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy recommend daily Twitter targets of: 5 Tweets, follow 10 people, respond to @ replies and direct messages, and create 1 Tweet telling your followers to follow a friend.


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