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Getting Started

What’s Your Inner Voice Telling You?

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In 2009, I was an employee working with a great company.

My boss was intelligent and inspiring. My coworkers were amicable and worked well as a team. The office environment was entirely casual; no suit and tie required. The pay was acceptable and vacation time fair.

The work was adequate, with some days more challenging than others. Office communication was radically transparent, as the staff would often meet weekly to review the recent triumphs and discuss the goals ahead. By most accounts, I should have been content with my career.

But something was missing.

It started during my morning commute. I would suit up for my bike (depending on the weather) and pedal along the streets, admiring the sense of aliveness that comes with breaking a light sweat. Upon arriving to work, I removed the lock from my backpack and secured my bike next to the rear office entrance, and gazed at the steps leading inside.

Suddenly the tiny voice in my head piped up: are you sure this is your path?


Kick Starting a Freelance Business… When You Can’t Afford to Fail

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Like so many others before me, I realized long ago that freelancing is the only way to take full advantage of life in a free society. We all want greater control over our own daily schedules and future accomplishments. But while many of us can plainly see the allure of never having to ask a boss if we can go on vacation (or take a nap at 2pm), we often don’t view ourselves as entrepreneurs in the traditional sense… you know, those dynamic people who can make a business hum along profitably whether it’s an ice cream parlor or a rubber band factory?

As a result, we often find ourselves excitedly enlightened about the existence of a better life as freelancers, but without the practical vision to get there. Additionally, we may lack the financial resources that we imagine are a prerequisite to launching a freelance business. As a result, fear of failure paralyzes us.

Years ago, my solution to this dilemma was to work really hard at making myself indispensable to people who actually did have that entrepreneurial aptitude, working alongside them as they launched various ventures on a shoestring budget. Although I eventually realized that this did very little to actually liberate me from the more burdensome constraints of life as a paid employee, it did allow me to witness a basic template for success emerge, one that I would personally put to use… twice.


Starting a Remote Business, Remotely

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Why do it?

Us freelancers love working for ourselves. We like the thrills of deadlines and chasing work. A common problem we face is that our services are not always scalable, as many of us are billing by the hour and we can only ‘get out’ what we put in. By establishing a business, I can take on a managerial position and spend more time making important decisions than sweating hours–but only if that’s what I want.

There’s a nice balance here, as I can still do as much work as I like but I never feel I have to. It’s still a freelance arrangement, as all clients are remote and the business is a collection of freelance and part-time staff, but is managed in such a way that it provides 24 x 7 service. That’s the first lesson: you can continue to enjoy everything you love about freelancing if you establish your business with a freelance business model.

Getting started

Many freelancers rely heavily on a small trusted network of peers for decision-making and guidance, and I’m no exception. I had the idea for the business about three months into traveling and remote working. It’s amazing what fresh air and a change of environment can do. I mocked up the idea and bounced it around my network. Thankfully, I received some brilliant ideas and advice from my peers, enabling me to change tack and develop the concept further. Second lesson: if you don’t already have a network of peers you can call on for assistance, see if you can establish one. You’ll need these guys for their intelligence and insight more than you realise now.


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