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6 Ways to Help Your Business Weather the Economic Storm

If the economy isn’t impacting your business, that’s great news in and of itself. But many freelancers are feeling the pinch from the global economy’s condition. Whether your business is thriving or flailing, try implementing these tips to help your business stay strong despite a weak economy. Not only do these ideas help you better reach potential customers, but they offer the kind of practical marketing advice you’ll want to continue to implement long after the stock market recovers.

Show the value

Instead of being vague in your claims about how you can help your clients, post testimonials and case studies on your website that demonstrate how you were able to get tangible, measurable results for your other (similar) clients. A case study is much more interesting to read than boring facts about how you helped a client. It shows how you helped your client in real life and includes specific obstacles and challenges you overcame. To potential customers, it shows that you can do the same for them.

Promote the freebies

Are you giving away a free consultation or an e-book? Play it up! Prospective customers will find value in free information and could be more likely to retain you because of that! Try adding a graphic image of the free thing prominently on your website. It’s a great idea to show a testimonial or two if you’ve got them.


Tailor a media pitch

Promote your company without paying for an ad by using the press. Newspapers are usually receptive to printing information that others find valuable. Offer tips related to your industry and include a paragraph at the end with a short blurb about your company and link to your website. If the newspapers don’t print that, you may also want to put in at least a sentence of dialogue commenting on one of the tips. That way you can attribute it to yourself and your business to gain exposure.

Double up

If you’re promoting something, use multiple avenues to do so. For example, don’t just use radio advertising—try an email newsletter to reach clients as well. Different clients are receptive to different forms of media, so make sure you take advantage of all of them!

Explore a joint venture

By partnering with another company that’s not a direct competitor, you can get access to their clients. For example, run a joint promotion that you’re pairing up to offer something new. You can also offer a referral fee to that company, should they give you business. In addition, it’s great to pair up with another company to share costs on expenses such as web marketing, trade shows and other promotional events. Check out how I recently buddied up with Von Glitschka—we shared holiday cards for our clients!

Raise your rates

This may sound a little odd, considering our financial circumstances as a whole these days, but clients know that they get what they pay for. A slight rate increase isn’t necessary to show that your services are top-quality, but it can reflect that. Many experts recommend this, so I wanted to include it as something you may try. But I do think you’ll want to consider doing this for yourself more than the economy. Try the aforementioned steps first!



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