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Ways to Engage Your Clients

callingWe’ve been talking a lot about engagement lately, so when I saw this post on Mashable about 10 easy customer engagement ideas I was intrigued.

Engagement with your clients doesn’t happen overnight or all at once. It is something that needs to be worked on consistently over time. Engaging your clients is a great way to keep them involved during the down time as well as offer them reasons to remember your great work.

Following are ideas to help you engage with you clients, which will improve that professional relationship and strengthen your freelance business.

Put the Spotlight on Customers

We like to write about the attendees to our events and their companies on our blog. This makes them happy because we’re spreading the word about their activities. They also feel more engaged and involved with our company in between events, and feel part of a larger community. —Tim Jahn, Entrepreneurs Unpluggd.

This is great advice! If you have a blog, think about touting your clients. Not only does this give you something meaningful to write about, it also helps their SEO—and everyone likes a little help with that. Plus, they might send your blog post out in their newsletter (if they have one), or to their friends, other clients, and social media followers. Make your clients look good and they will share it with others.

Call Your Customers

Call me old-fashioned, but what could be more engaging than a one-on-one phone call? Try calling some of your customers, even if it wasn’t part of your agreement or the package you sold them. If you spend 10 minutes getting to know a customer, you’ll learn some incredible things about why people buy your stuff. You can also win a fan for life. If you just have to keep things online, use Skype! —Corbett Barr, Insanely Useful Media

A check-in call can do wonders. It shows your clients that they are on your mind, even if you aren’t currently working on a project for them. It also reminds them that you exist. It doesn’t have to be a long phone conversation, either. I always pay more attention to the people that call me on the phone rather than send me an email. An email is so easy to ignore and delete…you can’t do that with an actual person.

Show Your Fans (or Clients) Some Facebook Love

We really love the relationship that we have with our fans and potential customers, so we like to show the world. Every week on our Facebook page, we highlight one of our fans as “Fan of the Week.” This is fun because their love for our company is displayed to our fans, and that person will then share it with their own network. —Andrew Saladino, Just Bath Vanities

Make sure you follow your clients on Facebook and Twitter, and ask them to do the same. If something positive happens to your client, share it on Facebook. Whether they hired a new employee or they reached a fundraising goal for a charity—help spread the good news to your fans and followers. It’ll show up on your client’s social media and they’ll see you are “working” for them even if you aren’t currently freelancing for them.

The point is to show your clients that you are thinking about them even when you aren’t on the clock. Wouldn’t you want to hire someone who is championing your business rather than someone who doesn’t bother to take the time? I know I would.


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